I just got in from Utah. My opinion hasn’t changed.

August 14, 2007

I used to send out a picture of a lovely desert sunset viewed in the rearview mirror of my car. It was titled My Favorite View Of Utah.

Saturday, the hottest part of the day and I was crossing the section of Utah that looks like the Grand Canyon – it is 50+ miles either way to the next town. I pulled into the Ghost Rock Viewpoint to take make a pit stop. (They really were pits, ugh)

When I got back to my car it wouldn’t start. Since I am on the Suckulair network (now a part of the new AT&T) I had no cell signal. I asked some folks from Cali if they would call AAA for me and they did – bless them. AAA then proceeded to take until 10 pm to get there.

I had my hood up. All I needed was a jumpstart…

A couple of retirement age folks from Kansas in a big truck looked at me, turned away and drove right past without stopping. Let’s hear it for the Midwest

God takes good care of me so I had a whole case of bottled water on ice in the cooler. I took a sweaty nap, worked on my computer, drank A LOT of water and eventually watched the typical gorgeous desert sunset.

Then the Perseid meteor shower started. It was so dark as the sky rained fireballs. I felt so safe and cared for – that God would make sure I wouldn’t miss this incredible show of his creation. I’d wanted to get out of the city and see it so many times but never made it. Now here I was, a command audience.

I fell asleep looking up. I was wakened by the sound of a tow truck. The driver was an off-duty cop working his side job. Huge like a muscle mountain and so sweet. He apologized that I had been out there so long but I was kinda grateful.


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