The smell of death

August 3, 2008

It’s has been 3 weeks since my house started smelling of death. Something died in my attic and they can’t find it.  They sprayed some sort of enzyme thing that was supposed to help dissolve whatever was the cause. It’s been over 90 degrees everyday. They cut a hole in my ceiling to try to find the smell and to spray. Now I have a gaping hole funnelling the smell into my house – my bedroom to be exact.

I’m so tired of it.  It has me so depressed – I’m trapped in the house by the heat, I’m trapped in a house that smells like death. I can’t cover it up.  I know I’m getting a little used to it, so I hate going out (usually to church) worrying the whole time if they can smell the death on me.

It’s so like my life. There is just something about me that keeps me from belonging.  I probly smell like death to everyone but I can’t smell it cuz I’m used to it.

It’s really getting to me.


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