Dr Marc “House” Davison

August 6, 2016

My surgeon is House. He’s scruffy and abrupt.  He even uses a cane. I like him a lot.

My daughter who is pretty and social was with me and he started asking her questions – I had to point out that I was the patient. I’m sure that was a great disappointment. 

He asked me why I was having surgery rather than radiation. I told him I didn’t know it was an option and asked him to tell me about it. He said I would have to go to the Kaiser Hospital in LA for 3 sessions of high dose radiation or I could go for 3 weeks, 5 days a week to the radiation oncology center there in Anaheim. He told me the projected outcome for radiation or surgery were the same. Since cutting it out worked well 13 years ago, and I’m the get it over with type,  I chose surgery.

So he booked me for surgery on August 16th. I have a pre-op physical on the 11th. He checked the size of my chest and the space between my ribs and said I was a good candidate for the laparascopic procedure. Finally, being built like a linebacker is good for something! 

Then he started castigating me. He asked me where I was in July. I told him I was in Mexico working at an orphanage. He repeated the info to his assistant, scoffed almost using the f* word and told me that was no excuse and that I messed up his numbers. They’re supposed to see the patient within 3 weeks of referral and I was referred on July 6th so I got him in trouble. I told him when Kaiser sends me a survey I’d give him all 10s and add a nice note. He told me he wanted 11s. I said no problem. Then he hobbled back to his office without a goodbye or a nod of his head.

I love him! He’s got social skills like mine and I feel comfortable saying whatever I need to to him. Thank you God! The surgeon that took out my kidney in 2003 was like that. He did a great job and he didn’t freak out when I told him I had opened my draining incision up a little more with an exacto blade I boiled. I couldn’t get the packing in. He reached in a drawer and handed me some presterilized scalpels. Then he told me a story about a crazy guy that removed his own adrenal gland using mirrors. The guy got one out but passed out trying to get the second one out. So when he came to, he drove himself to the hospital. It was a great story and right up my alley. God has always gotten me to the right doctor at the right time. 

I’m still a little annoyed that Dr Nguyen didn’t mention the radiation option. I like having all the info and I wonder if there’s anything else I should know. I’m sure I gave him the impression that I would be in favor of surgery. It’s entirely scriptural…If thine eye or pulmonary nodule offend thee, pluck it out..or something like that in Judy’s Revised Version. I’m too impatient for anything else.



August 2, 2016

They moved my surgical appt back to Wednesday morning. Yay!

Patience РNot My Strongest Quality 

August 2, 2016

After the end of The Summer Of Mexico I was primed and ready to jump into the The Season Of Cancer. I had my surgical consult scheduled for August 3rd and would jump into it with both feet.

So this morning Kaiser calls and reschedules my Wednesday appointment to Friday. For heaven’s sake, it’s only 2 days!  *steps away to lay on the ground to kick and scream* 

In my Strengths Finder test, one of my strengths was Activator. Looks like it’s also my weakness. Doing nothing is anathema but that’s what God wants so I’ll cool my jets, adjust the timeline in my PERT Chart and wait.

God’s purposes cannot be thwarted or rushed. 

I’m going to need more popcorn.

Just A Quick Nap In The MRI Machine

July 16, 2016

By Wednesday I should have scientific proof I have a brain. Lord willing, this will be clear of the cancer and the surgery will take care of everything.

I’ve been light-headed lately and having trouble catching my breath. I’m sure it’s anxiety. The Lord said “Be anxious for nothing”  I’m upping my prayer game and begging him for an extra measure of faith. This is where the rubber meets the road. Can I walk my talk? Not without his help, that’s for sure.

I’m so blessed to be surrounded by so much love and support.

Please pray for my friend Joan. Her cancer metastasized to her brain. She is my example in this. I met her the first time she signed up for a Mexico trip and have loved her ever since. Please pray for her and her husband Charlie. Thank you.

Saved By Praise

July 13, 2016

So, if they’re going to cut out the cancer they’re going to remove a section of my lung. They had to test my lung function. This was scary because I had one of these tests a couple of years after my initial cancer surgery and I didn’t do very well. The doctor frowned a lot.

I was so afraid that if I didn’t do well on this test, they wouldn’t be able to do the surgery. I was so worried I began having an anxiety attack. Trouble breathing. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

The tech was really nice and we started the test. After the first go-through he said, “You’re a Singer, aren’t you? You sing at church.” 

With a shocked look on my face I nodded.

“Thought so. You guys always do well.”

I’ve been singing and leading worship for most of my life. The first time I sang special music at church I was 3 years old. I lead worship in children’s church with my Aunt Gladys at 10. If there was a choir, I was in it. Music used to be the biggest part of my identity. It was my worship language. I always felt like God smiled when I sang.

I asked him “How’d you know?”

“You needed a 70 to pass the test. 100 would be good. You got a 137. Singers, divers, musicians know how to breathe.”

Not only was God smiling when I sang, he was probably laughing that while I was praising him I was saving myself.

God has always taken care of me.

The Breathing Test Came Out Amazing

July 12, 2016

I was so scared. If I can’t breathe well enough south they be able to do the surgery. Oh Lord I’m old and fat and out of shape. Help!

I needed a 70 to pass and I got a 137. Hallelujah! 

Lung Function Test Today

July 12, 2016

So being the raging hypochondriac that I am, I’ve been feeling short of breath.

If you see this, pray that I pass this test. It might be important.

I have a brain MRI on Saturday morning. Does anyone have a brain at 7:00 AM? I’m going to need caffeine.

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