July 6, 2016

Back when God was a boy and Eastside had a choir we did a musical called Jubilate. It was straight from the Old Testament praise to the Lord with a kind of Jewish feel. I loved that musical with all my heart. I even had a solo in it *looks modest*

A couple of years later, Knott Avenue decided to put it on and they went all out. They invited those of us from Eastside that wanted to be a part of it to join. I jumped at the chance. They even had worship dancers. Girls in long swirling skirts moving gracefully in worship. It was awesome.

Now my Mom always came to watch me sing. So she came Knott Avenue to watch the performance. Afterward, in the glow of such wonderful praise and worship, I asked my Mom what she thought of the performance.

*Insert genteel southern accent* “I don’t think they ought to be showing their THIGHS (her emphasis) on the platform.”

Me, thunderstruck because I can’t imagine anyone missing the point so much said, “Mom, you know David danced before the Lord in his underwear with all his might. His wife was struck barren for criticizing him.”

*accent* “That’s all right. I’ve already been through the change.”


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